Tuesday, December 20, 2011

so far..

and i am gonna be 1003 kilometers far from you..

Saturday, December 17, 2011


this is holga analog camera art, although not the real result, i mean, it was identic :p i edit this with online editor, just like lomo haha lol (you know, i don't know what i just wrote, something wrong with how my brain works tonight, why?because now is saturday naaaaaaaight! #eaa)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

pink-shawl-dressincoat-aww #what?

22th tomorrow i will go to JKT!
well, it's a little bit of fun, after doing test and remedial that was so saturated me #aww. maybe i transit to Cirebon first, people said there was a nice resort :) and i'll go to trans studioooo uwoowoowo, after waiting it soo long, wawawa! I AM SO EXCITED!

ehm, by-the-way, i borrow my sisters dress, pretty ya. hope you like!


just browsing and found this at his blog! haha thank you so much!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

love this bunch

love this jacket-love this skirtpants-love this shawl-and i love the wedges-uwoouwoo
it was my momma product, the skirtspants i mean. so, if you think it's good and you want this, just see my sister's online shop, at facebook, the blog still running and coming soon~

Saturday, December 3, 2011

i am a technicolor phase (*´ー`)

thank you boy :D
this picture was took place in nyink2's house, well, i love this buuuuunch!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

it was called senior high school

test, homework, lab work, papers, report, presentation, and many more activities, it was called 'senior high school'. no days called sunday, or sunday mean monday. i hate sunday because tomorrow is monday. when i was in junior high school and my seniors said that u will not find any sunday is laying or overestimated. then, its true. on sundays, my activities are doing homework, group working, and study for next lessons. no spongesbob, no avatar, no fashion, no camera, no ala chef, no rachelray, no doraemon, and no shinchan. but, i have to enjoy it. complains was useless. see, on the sidelines when i was grouping, i still can took my pict, haha, although still carrying my books. enjoy my super duper very hectic day photos. lol

Monday, October 17, 2011

my art teacher sketch

My art teacher make this for me, Mrs. Tio, thank's ma'am, but why my face look older then now?well, iam still fifteen mrs, fifteeeeeeeeen (TT) 'cause when your fifteen, somebody told you they love you, you're gonna believe them" :) lol #eaa

skirts lover

Assalamualaikum (^^)
well, all skirts are belong to my sister. thanks to lent this for me..i love it, chic and awsome abviously :)
check them out here.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Air Traffic - Owl City

A I R   T R A F F I C

The bird is here, 
And we are off, 
To wherever those wings take us.

The atmosphere, Is crawling with airlines
That wind through the clouds
And look down on the crowds
Relax your back
And let the noise
Sing you to sleep in my, arms
If you awake, Before we arrive
I will carry you down, And I won't make a sound
The scent is strong
As we move on, And breathe in the pristine, Crime, scene
The false veneer
Is old like a Substitute, volunteer, From, oh, some other year
I'm just a show, As far as I can tell
So I paint my eyes a light green
The silver beams, Are twirling and swirling
Throughout your dreams
Like air traffic streams.

Always listening this before i sleep, thank's Adam Young to make it was so amazing. Thank you.
download mp3, click here

Friday, October 7, 2011

all in green

Assalamualaikum ^^
This is my first post about hijab, and thankful for my mom with kindly enough and patiently to take my picture.matur sembah nuwuun (^^), and the outfit that i use was unbranded at all, but it's still look nice right?

you know my bangle?that's when i went walk with my sister, i found that and it was really-really-really cheep! i love it.
thanks, have a nice day.

Monday, September 19, 2011

crabs crabs crabs

Last week i go to Probolinggo with my family. my father treat us to eat crabs. there sooo many sea food stands..but we have a stand subscription. the crabs was soooo big and red. i do love crabs and rajungan bunch bunch bunch ♥

sorry dad, you looks tired

and when i go to Bojonegoro, we went to Tuban to bought some of rajungan curry for break the fast. its 30th August. it's located in Manunggal Jaya Street Tuban. the rajungan curry was very HOT! spiciness never disappear. not only rajungan curry, Manunggal Jaya also serve kambing satay, kikil, and many others.

Creazy Maicih

good evening everybodeeee :*
this morning, my mom bring 'maicih' chips for me..its absolutely with the bombastically and spectacularly 'maicih' was very HOT and sooo spicy overloaded.. how can this cassava chips become very spicy?i wonder how much chili and red pepper in it, and i wonder when my stomach getting soo pains (T.T)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011

me on 'the wall of art'

actually, it was already 'old'. last April. it feels really happy. very happy. very. actually [again], the paint I send to ''kaWanku'' was a picture for contest at school. uh, but it was not win. finally with grudgingly, I send it to ''kaWanku'', unexpected and unexpectedly, my paint was posted! yay!
unfortunately, oh, unfortunately ..
I thought I'm glad because I think I'll get a reward IDR 250,000, but after read again, I do not get anything! I want to give you some suggestion, although not give me a reward money, but, just give me a goodie bag or
something, i'am gonna happy anyway =)

data sources : click here

Monday, August 1, 2011

berry, for the last

Cinta emang gak pandang bulu. Bukan berarti ‘bulu’ beneran ya, tapi ‘bulu’ itu penampilan. Kenapa? Ya gitu, kalo orang udah jatuh cinta, meskipun orang yang dijatuhi cinta itu jelek, item, kurus, dekil, tetep aja suka. Cinta itu pandangnya ke hati, sifat, dan behaviour-nya. Aku punya temen, anggap namanya Lia, dia cantik, manis, mukanya unyu deh, tapi kenapa dia bisa jatuh cinta sama (anggap saja namanya) Sono yang notabene orangnya hitam, mirip preman? Gue gak habis pikir. Kok bisa?  Kembali lagi ke awal, cinta-nya Lia ke Sono gak pandang bulu. Meskipun wajah mirip preman, tapi Sono itu orangnya baik, dan dermawan (baca:suka traktir temen). Ada lagi kasus, gue punya temen yang namanya Ken, dia bisa suka sama Dena yang mana Dena itu, katanya (bukan kata gue), item dan mirip mentri penerang. Tapi kenapa Ken bisa suka banget sama Dena, yah, kembali lagi deh, cinta Ken gak pandang bulu. Dia suka Dena apa adanya. Dan sekarang, gue mau cerita tentap sp (special person). Kalo beneran  ini yaa, cuman kalo beneran (jangan gr evita, jangan gr, kendalikan ke-gr-an mu !) . Kalo seandainya sp suka (gr banget gue ==a) sama gue (mampus!), sepertinya (cieileh) cintanya sp itu gak pandang bulu (oh ya?) kenapa? Pertama, sp itu orangnya tinggi cakep, keren, ahh..sedap deh pokoknya, sedangkan gue?item, jelek, dan gembel (minder gila!) hass..  (semoga sp gak baca, amien) sebenernya sp suka sama gue itu gak mungkin sih.. ToT Uu

Hello everyone =) i dont know, a few days before berry died, he was really sweet to me. urgh puss, you make me miss u so much, and much, and much, much, much.