Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week

This Holiday, i went to Jakarta, it was unplanned we visited Jakarta Convention Center to join JIFW there. Owhh, my momma was soo excited, she bought many thing_- and me too :p located in Cendrawasih Hall, there are Fashion Show, Talk Show, Exhibition, all top designer, laalalaaa. Like a village girl who come to the city. Tacky. Hahaha..
And, choosed me to be '15 Padu Padan Hijab Penuh Warna Dari Pengunjung JIFW' Haha

i'am back

After eight month's, not posting anything, with all my bustle my laziness, i miss this blog {}
so, this is my greeting post, hallo everybody! Assalamualaikum :) Have a nice day, Happy Ramadhan, i wish you have a good day, Salam.