Sunday, October 30, 2011

it was called senior high school

test, homework, lab work, papers, report, presentation, and many more activities, it was called 'senior high school'. no days called sunday, or sunday mean monday. i hate sunday because tomorrow is monday. when i was in junior high school and my seniors said that u will not find any sunday is laying or overestimated. then, its true. on sundays, my activities are doing homework, group working, and study for next lessons. no spongesbob, no avatar, no fashion, no camera, no ala chef, no rachelray, no doraemon, and no shinchan. but, i have to enjoy it. complains was useless. see, on the sidelines when i was grouping, i still can took my pict, haha, although still carrying my books. enjoy my super duper very hectic day photos. lol

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